Fresh Produce for Healthy Eating

about Us

Tamai Family Farms is a local provider of sustainable, quality, and accessible produce.  We believe that these three categories are a major concern to all of us when we purchase fresh goods.  

Providing the safest, healthiest fruits and vegetables has been the goal of Tamai Family Farms for over 50 years.  Time tested growing practices have been passed down through four generations of growers, and are responsible for the beautiful and delicious produce we provide.  Sustainability not only applies to our clients, but also to our land.  Oxnard, CA has some of the richest and most fertile soil in the world. We believe that it is our environmental responsibility to cultivate and nourish this precious resource so that it will provide for future generations. 

Customers can rest assured they are consuming the healthiest and highest quality food on the market.  We take pride in providing all of our clients, fruits and vegetables directly harvested from the field; that make it to their destination within 24 hours of being harvested.  Fresher foods not only mean great looking produce but also longer shelf life and overall better taste.

Tamai Family Farms is also committed to making sure that all of our customers have equal and affordable access to everything we produce.  Product availability, along with competitive pricing, help ensure that all of our patrons are consuming the best produce available.  This is accomplished by taking advantage of the various growing seasons throughout California.   In addition to our Ventura County fields, customers are also privileged to seasonal produce grown in the Coachella Valley.